Drum Lessons, Clinics, and Masterclasses with Nashville Drummer Brian Czach

Brian has a passion for education and giving back to those who are interested in the musical arts.  Whether you’re a young student just learning to hold the sticks or a seasoned pro looking for new ideas and concepts, Brian will work with you one on one to help solve any issues and give you the tools necessary to achieve your personal goals on the instrument.

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Lessons with Brian include:

  1. Knowledge and mastery of all the rudiments (the language of drumming using matched or traditional grip)

  2. Learning to read music and sight-reading skills

  3. Interpret drum charts

  4. Playing with and without a click track

  5. Concepts on improving your time, feel, groove, and pocket, including incorporating the swing 8th note into your rock playing.

  6. Mixing yourself on the drums - learning to use independent limb dynamics and how it affects the perception of your groove and overall feel. 

  7. Knowledge and appreciation of all styles of music including jazz, rock, latin, funk, big band, odd time signatures, etc. including picking the right drums & cymbals for the job. 

  8. Soloing - free and within a song form

  9. Using all formats for learning including books, recordings, DVD’s, and internet

  10. Drum tuning and recording tips

  11. Mallet and hand drum instruments

  12. Programming drum machines and sequencers and how to make them feel and sound like more “human” and less machine-like. 

  13. Creating drum loops and backing tracks that meld seamlessly into your rhythm section.

  14. Career consultation



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Brian is honored to be a member of the Professional Drum Teacher’s Guild!  Click here to read about the Guild and what it’s mission is.  

Contact brian@brianczach.com (646) 382-3385

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