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Las Vegas Drummer Brian Czach - Musical Services

Corporate Events, Conventions, & Parties

Do you need entertainment for an upcoming event?  How about a tribute band for Elvis, Sinatra, Blues Brothers, Michael Buble, Tower of Power, EWF, BS&T, or Chicago?  I can provide the music for your  party, wedding, festival, corporate event, etc.  My library of music contains over 1,000 songs of dance, pop, R&B, swing, blues, jazz, and Americana for a small group ensemble with or without horns to a full brass big band complete with male and/or female vocalist.  For a list of songs in my library, click on the link below. 

FULL CHART INDEX.pdf.  The songs are arranged by category of style and size of arrangement.  If you don’t see the song you want to hear, let me know within a month ahead of time and I can write and arrange the music for that song. 


Are you a songwriter and/or recording artist?  Want your song to come alive with some real drums on it?  Recording your song(s) in a big professional studio can be very expensive and time consuming.  By the time you load in all the drums, set up, sound check, and pay the engineer, it can take hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Then while still on the clock, you need to rehearse the song material for the musicians so they know what to play. 

I have a solution to all of this and I can help you make that song you wrote come alive!  I have a home studio where I can record real, live professional drums to your track(s) at a very affordable rate.  I can keep my rates low because my drums are all set up, miked up, and ready to record at a moment’s notice.  I don’t have to load into another space, park the car, etc.  There’s no engineer to pay, and no sound checking necessary as I have all the presets ready to go.  I can take my time with your song to learn it, and record it without worrying about the clock and how much money is being spent.  I can also record multiple takes with different approaches and you can pick the one (or mix together) the one you like.  All you need to do is send me your files from anywhere in the world and I’ll record myself playing the drums to your song(s).  My rates are very reasonable and negotiable.  You can easily and safely pay online via my paypal account (no account or signup needed).  We can also collaborate and literally write songs together in person or over the web, send bits of ideas for songs back and forth, etc.  I want to collaborate with you!  Send me an email and let’s get to work. 

For a list of studio gear I own and use, please refer to my Gear page. 

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