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MILEStones - Tribute to Miles Davis

I want to invite you to come and check out the Miles Davis tribute show that I lead. Originally conceived in Las Vegas where I co-led a similar group, I have since taken this project on by myself here in Nashville. I call it MILEStones. I thought the name was very appropriate on many levels! The concept is that I take the exact arrangements and instrumentation from the records (along with the mood and "aura") that Miles recorded, and bring those arrangements back to life for the listener to hear in a live, concert setting. Since Miles' musical catalog is so vast, I've decided to focus mainly on the two "great quintets" that he led from the late 1950's to the mid 1960's.

This project can be hired as strictly a concert, but can easily be transformed into an educational project for schools and universities, and/or music appreciation events. By breaking down the music into parts and explaining not only the history of the music, but what exactly is happening inside the improvised sections, the student or enthusiast will gain a greater understanding of Miles' music and of jazz in general. And anything that helps others understand and appreciate jazz is a good thing in my book!

So please take a second of your time and check us out on Facebook and give us a "like". If you find yourself in Nashville, we are in the rotation of jazz groups playing at Rudy's Jazz Room.

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