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Nighthawk Studio, Mount Juliet, TN

**** Hire Brian to play drums on your song and make your music come to life! ***

Face it. LIVE DRUMS would make your song(s) come to life and sound so much better! You know it's true so hear me out.


Virtual drums (Logic drummer, etc.) have come a long way but nothing beats the feel and emotion of a real human being connecting with your music and its true meaning. 

Major label budgets have shrunk and most recordings are being made from home studios around the world these days. The one thing that remains difficult to record is live drums. Drums are LOUD. They take up space. They need many microphones and audio inputs and you need somebody who knows how to make the drums sound good. Good sounds start from the source: the drums (and cymbals). But what about mic placement? Choosing which mic to use? Phase cancellation? The sound of the room? EQing and other processing? The list goes on and on, not to mention you need a DRUMMER who can play in the style that you need. 

That's where I come in. My studio already has the drums set up, mic'd up, dialed in, and ready to record at the flick of a switch. I've been engineering my own drumming sessions for clients for many years now so check out the clips below this text from my "Session Diaries" series and decide for yourself.


What you'll get when hiring me to play drums on your song(s) or record is: 

          -  Great gear and expert tuning! 
          -  Excellent pre-amps (Universal Audio Apollo 8p, Warm Audio WA412,  & Focusrite Scarlett                        18i20) and great mics. 
(Sennheiser, Shure, Cascade, Kel, and others)
          -  Fast turnaround. Hi quality wav files. FULL of personality and character!
          -  Acoustic and electronic drum sounds.
          -  Quality custom drum loops that only YOU will own and have access to for an additional $25. 
          -  Plays all styles including Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Indie, HipHop, Trap, Drum n' Bass,

         R&B, Prog Rock, Jazz & Big Band. Can sound like Ringo, Weckl, Porcaro, Keltner, Gadd, or Jordan

         (and many others) upon request. 

          - Pretty much any drum sound you want. 5 drum kits (new & vintage sounds), 15 snare drums.

         Cymbals for every occasion. Want lo-fi? Yup I got it. 

          - I use Logic Pro X.


Prices include lightly mixed tracks (light EQ/Compression) or raw tracks, 2 percussion overdubs (shaker, tambourine, hand drums, etc), and a pre- mixed stereo track containing all drum tracks that you can literally fly right into your DAW for instant mixdown purposes. 

You will receive up to 15 individual tracks from one take including an additional 2 percussion overdubs (shaker, tambo, conga, etc) as well as the option to add background vocals for an additional $50. Up to two revisions included if necessary. 

Contact me here and let's get started making your songs come to life with some LIVE DRUMS!

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