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Craziest Thing To Happen On Stage

While living in Vegas, I played an outdoor show with a funk band that had horns with custom arrangements. Everyone had paper charts (pre iPad days) on stands and was “on the book” because it was a new band and no one had the arrangements memorized. I was playing a 4 piece house kit (a blue Yamaha beech, I still remember it) with a mounted floor tom off the cymbal stand with my ride on it. It was a warm sunny day but very windy.

As we started playing the first set, the weather took a change and winds started gusting. It got worse and worse and the music stands started flying, paper charts flying everywhere from everyone in the band. The hanging speaker line arrays above us were swaying pretty ominously. I started to worry.

At one point during a song, the wind knocked my ride/floor tom stand right into the side of my body. Ouch!! I had a massive bruise the next day on my ribs from that and it hurt real bad when it happened. I had to stop playing time with the right hand and push the stand back to it’s feet. Just then, another huge gust of wind kicked up and sent my ride and floor tom sailing off the back of the stage!! Probably 5 feet down to the grass below! This is all mid-song, playing TOP style funky horn arrangements and we never lost a beat!! It was insane.

Someone from the audience saw what happened and came over and helped lift the drum/cymbal stand back up to the stage so I could play it again. After that song, the concert was cancelled due to weather danger and we got the heck outta there!!

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