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I Started a Patreon Page!

Last month I started a Patreon page for drummers and anyone who is interested in knowing first hand what my life in the music industry is like. I wanted to have a platform to create content on a regular basis where I document not only drum lessons and musical ideas, but where I could show my subscribers the inner workings of what I do as a pro drummer and why I do it.

I started playing drums professionally at age 11 with my family band in upstate NY. Since then, I graduated music school from Ithaca College with an extensive background in playing most styles of music. I've lived in NYC, Las Vegas, and now Nashville as well as spent extensive periods of life on the road during each of those times, so I think I have a pretty unique story to tell.

I often get questions related to gear, technique, playing styles, and recording from other drummers and musicians. I also get asked by non-musicians about my lifestyle and what a career in music is like.

Joining me on Patreon will help me to create high quality content at a regular interval. This content will be exclusive to Patreon and won't inhibit my posting on my other social platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Patreon content will include ad free drum lessons, transcriptions, rig rundowns, my Czach Hack video series, and much more. Higher tier levels will include a more insider look at what I do, including live chats, one on one drum lessons, critiques of your playing, listening sessions, access to my practice notebooks, and videos of me practicing current ideas and concepts I'm working on, along with so much more!

Lastly, if you have suggestions for content to share which I haven't though of, I value your input. I promise to do my very best to provide helpful and entertaining content to help you grow as a musician, and to give you honest insight into what this pro drummer's world is like.

Join me now at for only $5/month. I PROMISE you won't regret it.

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